My name is Jukka-Pekka Jokiaho. I have background from coding, team creation, team leading, project management and product management. You can find more what I have done from LinkedIn.

I believe that with IT solutions we can solve many problems and make life easier, even save life’s.

Unfortunately there is many IT solutions which doesn’t serve this  purpose to solve problems. That’s sad. I’m not satisfied to the current situation and I want to find and learn better ways to build IT solutions.  And help others to improve as well. Everyday.

Blog is created as a solution for this problem: As a professional I need to have my information sources and my thoughts in order because that is the way how I’m able to analyze what I know, where I can find more information and based on that I can develop my skills more further.

I will try to deliver value for myself with this blog but I don’t mind if you find some useful information for yourself as well. Let this blog be one of my contributions for the world where I live in.

What I write in this blog are my own opinions. My posts are not related to my current or former employer.