Checklist to keep myself agile product owner

This post is related to earlier post: Reminder: Why I choose agile.

I experienced that even I found out reasons why to choose agile I don’t follow those in my daily work as much as I should. Because of that problem I decided to create check list for myself. I usually plan my upcoming work week at the last week Friday or at the beginning of the week. Following list will help me to plan my week.

  • Product
    • Will you get  feedback for the product?
    • Will you work with vision and backlog based on feedback?
    • Will you arrange possibility for development team to work with end users?
  • People
    • Will you discuss with team if they are having needed competences?
    • Will you let team to self-organize to make  best process for themselves to build the product?
    • Will you let team to find out best implementation for product?
    • Will you let team know to which direction it needs to grow to build the best product?

Additional note: Most likely you need to work with constraints like budget, time, quality, shared vision etc. If needed then communicate with all stakeholders. Don’t let constraints to be obstacle. Let it be possibility for new discussions.


2 thoughts on “Checklist to keep myself agile product owner

    • Hi Simonas,

      Thank you from the feedback.

      Managing stakeholders expectations are for me part of the product feedback. Feedback from users and dev teams are analyzed and discussed against stakeholder expectations. If possible then getting everybody to same room to discuss. Keeping it simple for all parties I’ll try to keep stakeholder expectations in these common artifacts:

      • Product vision
      • Product backlog
      • Release plan

      I stated in my last note in article that I’ll communicate with stakeholders if needed. It might give wrong picture how I think about stakeholders and their expectations. It’s just that usually I don’t work weekly with stakeholders as their time is shared with other things as well. This decicion to not communicate weekly with stakeholders is related to my current product state and context of it.

      – jp

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